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Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn – Preview Trailer and Release Date

By on March 5th, 2012 7:21 am

After ten years in the making the space sim Wing Commander series’ Universe, designed by Origin Systems, will hopefully see a new title emerge. In Wing Command Saga (a fan production project), you will again fight the Kilrathi at the same time as WC3 and now conclude with the end of the decades long Terran-Kilrathi War.

WCS uses the Freespace 2′ engine, which source code has been released to the public. WCS modified and enhanced it for its purposes. The devs stated that this was all perfectly legal :) “Yes, it is completely legal. The Freespace 2 engine’s source code has been released to the public sector, and Wing Commander Saga uses a modified and enhanced version of it. We have made every effort to ensure that all aspects of this mod are completely legal ~ Wing Commander Saga”.

The devs have released a feature preview trailer and announced the release date for March 22, 2012. The game will be released for the Windows PC, Linux and Mac. You can read all about it in the WCS’ official website.

Thanks to PlaySF for the tip.

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  1. Fernando Rey says:

    This is the most awesome news, not only the greatest sci fi simulator comes back from the dead, but by the hands of a passionate community(a warranty that it’s gonna be great). Can’t wait to play it, specially after last line borrowed from LOTR-ROTK plus all the dialogue and animated briefings, it seems there is some major story behind the game. I may have to get a new stick for it though, there is really no other way to play a flight sim.

  2. dayrinni says:

    I will be picking this up and having a grand ole time playing it!

  3. Wilko says:

    Just when I was thinking of ditching the old analogue joystick. Retro time baby!

  4. TimmY says:

    Looks nice.

  5. Adam Solo says:

    Work in progress footage from the last beta.

    Prologue: First Tutorial Mission Gameplay

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