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SOL Exodus: Demo Now Available and Update Coming Soon

By on February 9th, 2012 6:53 pm

Folks at Seamless Entertainment have just sent word that a demo of their SOL: Exodus game is now available on Steam. SOL: Exodus is 3D space-action shooter that aspires to be a worthy successor of titles like Freespace and Wing Commander. The game offers single-player missions (no multiplayer). For more information check out the SOL: Exodus’ website.

In addition to the demo Seamless have also announced a customer-requested features update (v1.12) for the coming weeks. This update will contain “in-mission checkpoints, difficulty levels, cockpit view (toggle; will be in new game settings screen), collision damage and virtual joystick control & on-screen display”.

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  1. Bart says:

    In mission checkpoints! WANT! With SOL’s lengthy missions this is really welcome.

  2. zigzag says:

    Is this game playable with a mouse and keyboard? Or is a joystick required?

  3. Adam Solo says:

    Nice game intro. Mouse lags a lot in the menu (in-game I don’t know since we don’t see a mouse cursor). As anyone also experienced this horrible mouse lag?

    The first minutes in the game look promising. I did feel the x-wing/wing commander kind of ambience (more wing commander alright). The game has been receiving mixed reviews? Any impressions?

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