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Armada 2526 Gold Edition Giveaway Contest [CLOSED]

By on March 20th, 2012 7:01 am


A month ago Armada 2526 was re-released, now as a gold edition bundle containing both the original game and its expansion Supernova. Here’s your chance to get Armada’s full pack at an affordable price.

To commemorate this gold edition release I thought it would be fun to host a contest to giveaway some copies to people who didn’t played the expansion or simply didn’t get the chance to buy the game yet. I think it’s also perfect as a gift for people that already own the full bundle and want to surprise a friend. Space Sector has 10 games to offer! – courtesy of GreenManGaming and Iceberg Interactive.

How to enter in the contest

It’s very simple to participate and have a chance to get one of the 10 Armada 2526 Gold Edition copies. All you have to do is:

  1. Follow Space Sector on twitter OR like Space Sector on facebook OR register the Space Sector newsletter (you’re only required to do one of these)
  2. Leave a comment in this blog post (below) stating which one of the actions above (point 1.) have you done

Examples of how you should post your comments to become eligible for the contest:

@followed @spacesector on twitter.


<your facebook name here> liked Space Sector.


Registered Space Sector newsletter. (note: use the same email you used to register the newsletter when register to comment )

I’ll pick the 10 winners on the 3rd of April 2012 at 10:00 am EST. I’ll check those to see if they fulfilled the entry steps. The contest closes on 2nd April 10:00 am EST. After that point you can no longer enter the contest. I’ll signal that by changing the contest status to [CLOSED].

The contest winners will be generated randomly with the help of

Games will be provided via GreenManGaming.

Game info:

Good luck!

Many thanks to Iceberg Interactive and Green Man Gaming for sponsoring this contest.

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  51. GamingQuasar says:

    Regged to the newsletter, overdue to finally do so anyway.

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  53. RICO7878 says:

    Christopher A Rubio liked Space Sector!
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  54. zenkmander says:

    I’m so glad I found this site! I just spent the last hour reading your detailed reviews and comment replies, very good stuff! :)

    @zenkmander followed @spacesector on twitter

    And registered for newsletter under

  55. EvaUnit02 says:

    Phil de Bruin liked Space Sector on Facebook.

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    @QTKregoth followed @spacesector on Twitter… in retrospect though, I should have followed you guys a long time ago lol :P

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  66. IntrepidGuy says:

    I registered for the Space Sector Newsletter!

    One newsletter I certainly won’t regret registering for so I can keep an eye out for any great 4X TBS games. I’ve been craving one for a while :)

    Also, any new Ideas & Concepts articles coming up? I really enjoy those and it always makes me want to try making my own 4X game (again. :P )

  67. Nori says:

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    I also liked your facebook page and signed up for the newsletter.. :)

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    Registered for the Space Sector newsletter and daniel.gaudreault1 is liking it on facebook.

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    It is now public knowledge that Michael Mason likes Space Strategy Games Sector on facebook (also for real, but there are scant records of this).

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    Registered Space Sector newsletter
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    This site is “RPS in space” for me.
    I love you.

  77. Marc420 says:

    Signed up for newsletter

  78. Dohon says:

    @DaDeSwa followed @spacesector on twitter.

    Daan De Swaef liked Space Sector.

    Registered Space Sector newsletter.

    Cheers for your generosity! And a big thanks for GreenManGaming and Iceberg Interactive as well!

    • Adam Solo says:

      I do the monkey work only, kudos go to Iceberg Interactive and GreenManGaming for supplying the goods. It’s to them you all have to thank. Although I admit that this was all my idea :D

  79. CosmicKobal says:

    Nick Ellington liked Space Sector

  80. Enares says:

    Have registered for the newsletter

  81. Saracen26 says:

    David Pender liked Space Sector on Facebook.

    Bumped into this site whilst searching for new Space 4X games to play. Now I keep returning often to find out the latest goings on in the Space Strategy Genre.

    Since it’s day of release, ‘Imperium Galactica II – Alliances’ has been the love of my life! (Don’t tell the wife!)

    • Adam Solo says:

      Imperium Galactica II is also one of my long time favorites. The love of my life … let me say it .. quietly … is the original Master of Orion. It wasn’t love at first sight I have to confess but the love grew on me like no other. Then I fell in love with Master of Orion 2 but MoO1 will always be my first love.

      • Saracen26 says:

        I have to admit… It is a crime against humanity. But I never played the original 2 MoOs.. Back in the 90’s I was more involved in the RTS boom and the Civilization series which I played to death. My First experience with MoO was MoO 3. I took a dislike to that game for the poor support, and how poor the game was generally.. I felt like I wasted my money on that title, and that put me off grabbing it’s predecessors.

        GoG is certainly calling calling me on it though. It’s just a shame the third game left that sour taste in my mouth. But I’ve heard good things, and since I’m getting back into PC gaming and 4X in particular this year, I’m without a doubt needing to play a lot of 4X titles I’ve missed, since I stopped playing SoaSE almost 3 years ago.

        I’ve started the ball rolling by purchasing a hard copy of Star Ruler last week… I’m working on the rest.

      • Adam Solo says:

        You have Rebellion now, perhaps you’ll resume your SoaSE? If you win the armada gold competition you will have a good 4X game in your hands. But as you seem to be more interested in RTS let me propose you Distant Worlds: Legends. You will not see your loved ones much but you’ll get the best 4X space experience out now.

        Yea, MoO1+2 on GoG is calling for you. If you’re not afraid of going retro for a while you will not be disappointed. DW Legends will cost you perhaps $90 while MoO1+2 $2.99, I’ll say that starting by the latter is probably the best way to go! :D

  82. mneme says:

    Registered space sector newsletter.
    I discovered this site a few weeks ago when i was looking for a new space 4X game. I am really impressed about the quality of the information of this site and now i check it every few days. Keep up the great work that is being done here. =)

  83. Drexy says:

    @SJFernandez1975 followed @spacesector on twitter.

  84. mogglewump says:

    @mogglewump followed @spacesector on twitter.

    Been following this site’s RSS for a while – have enjoyed seeing a specialist site for space strategy games. So far, well done Adam. :)

  85. Pylon says:

    @alex_connolly followed @spacesector on Twitter.

    Keep up the good work.

  86. kulaots says:

    Tom Külaots liked Space Sector.

    I’ve actually followed the site for a while now.

  87. erdeblindguardian says:

    Registered Space Sector newsletter.

  88. Christopher says:

    Christopher Barlow liked Space Strategy Games Sector.

    Thanks for the chance to win! :D

    • Christopher says:

      Apparently there are several of me on facebook. Make sure you look up the right one. :P

  89. Luisito62 says:

    Registered Space Sector newsletter.

  90. manman3131 says:

    @IMakeYouPeeFire is now following @spacesector on twitter
    I’m really happy i found this site. I am just starting to get into 4X games and this site has it all!

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