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Gemini Wars Update: Fighter Squadrons and Planetary Bases

By on April 10th, 2011 1:52 pm

Gemini Wars is a Sci-fi real-time strategy game currently being developed by Camel 101, an independent and self funded game development studio. Camel 101 is developing Gemini Wars for PC and Mac and it’s release is scheduled for Q4 2011.

Fighter Squadrons

“What are space battles without fighters, right?” by Camel 101.

Camel 101 showed off Gemini Wars Fighter Squadrons. Each time a fighter squadron is launched, an icon will show up on the top corner of the interface. By clicking the icon the squadron can be selected and ordered as any other ship.

“The fighters can be ordered to dock on carriers, or the carrier ordered to recall the fighters”

Fighter squadrons are very effective in attacking ships, especially large ships, that are not equipped with rapid fire cannons.

Tactical combat always wins with the introduction of fighters. They definitely add tactical depth to combat. For example “A good way to disable a large capital ship is to order several fighter squadrons to target the life support system of the enemy ship. Once the life support is disabled, the crew of the targeted ship will be neutralized, making the ship easy to board”.

“Each fighter squadron in this video has 16 fighters, so for 6 fighter squadrons there’s a total of 96 fighters in this attack”.

Checkout the video, it looks great!

Planetary Bases

Gemini Wars will feature planetary outposts made of space stations orbiting planets. “These structures are very expensive to build, and can have several upgrades. For example they can be equipped with powerful defensive shields and weapons, or fighter squadrons” by Camel 101.

These planetary bases are very important “not only because they create a very tough defensive position, but also because they define the amount of capital ships available to build.” So, if you have more of these planetary bases means you can build more capital ships.

Next follows a series of screenshots (click on them to enlarge) showing an outpost evolution on a barren planet, including a picture of the planetary base defending itself from attack. Well, maybe not to the scale (unless the planetary body is a small asteroid) but it still looks cool! :)

For more information on Gemini Wars check out the official website.

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  1. Jankins says:

    Looks pretty interesting !
    By the way Adam Solo, have you thought of making some video reviews and posting them on youtube?
    That would be really interesting and I’m sure you’d get quite a lot of new visitors !

    • Adam Solo says:

      That could work! I will think about it. Any suggestion that helps increase the site community is surely welcome :)
      Thanks for your suggestion Jankins. Hope you’re enjoying the site so far.

  2. Jankins says:

    Oh I sure am enjoying the site, it’s easily the best source for 4X and space strategy games I know of. :)

  3. Jankins says:

    Well it’s only a cosmetic suggestion, but it would be pretty nice if the design/template of the site was more “sci-fi-y” so to say to fit the theme of the site.

    Other than that, there isn’t anything else I can think of right now. Keep up the good work ! :)

    • Adam Solo says:

      I completely agree with you :), the design must be more sci-fi, currently it is a bit dry.

      A friend of mine was already working on that. He is designing a new header. One with planets, a spaceship blockade, large explosions, fighters, etc. Do you have any further suggestions on that?

  4. Jankins says:

    You use wordpress for the site right ? Then I don’t think you need someone to make an entirely new template, there are many high quality themes for wordpress you can get for free, I’m sure you’ll find a good sci-fi one. :)

    As for other suggestions well, sorry I can’t think of anything else.
    Oh wait there is one, keep up the great work you’ve been doing ! :)

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