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StarDrive Has Reached Its Funding Target!

By on December 9th, 2011 5:38 pm

StarDrive, a new 4X space strategy title on the making has just reached its funding goal on Kickstarters. Looks like Daniel, StarDrive’s main developer from Portland US, will be having his opportunity to finish his game in style after all :) with the help of his Artist guy Ariel Chai from Australia.

He asked for $7.500 in 30 days, he made it in 9! I have no doubt in my mind since day 1 that his project will be a success. To know more about StarDrive, gameplay style, inspiration and key features please read StarDrive – A New 4X Action-Strategy Game for the PC.

Looks like we have another great new 4X space strategy game in the horizon! Dan plans to reach closed beta by March 2012 and expects to release the full version in June/July 2012. Due to my pledge I’ll be waiting for my copy in the summer :)

\Edit (10/12/11): I’m new to this crowdfunding business, but so it seems that we can continue over-funding the project. Don’t see why not. Better more than less :)

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  1. Fernando Rey says:

    Those are great new indeed! Congratulations to Daniel are in order. I am really looking to playing his game and dissect it; finally something else to look forward next year, after the release of Mass Effect 3 and before The Last Guardian(hopefully). :D

  2. dayrinni says:


  3. ZigZag says:

    Congratulations! Much deserved!

  4. Pym says:

    Congratulations! We need more indy space lovers like this :p

  5. SolCommand says:

    Only 7.500 ?? Well, I sure hope that proves to be enough cause I’m always eager to play new games.

    • Adam Solo says:

      $13.366 and going! :) Quite a different amount from Nexus 2 that asks for $400.000!! Although they managed for $100.000 already, the clock is ticking fast…

      No time no talk SolCommand. It’s good to have you around. The StarDrive guys are asking for a pixel 2D artist. Probably not your thing, but just to let you know in any case.

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